Assembly options

Suitable for your event

Whether stadium event, company party or small evening gathering – our Biathlon target board can be easily adapted to your needs and ideas. Three different construction variants ensure the perfect solution for every environment and every budget.

All-around safety
Simple and convenient

The large truss cage is the ideal way to present your brand. An eye-catching banner effectively transports your message to the audience, and the cage enables spectators to watch the five shots from close up while staying safe from stray balls and ricochets.

Length: 11m (truss 8m)

Width: 5m

Height: 3.5m

This solution provides all the fun in a more compact space.

The smaller truss-and-net construction ensures full protection for visitors, but still leaves enough space to showcase your brand perfectly.

Length: 7m (truss 5m)

Width: 5m

Height: 3m

The ideal solution for small-scale events.

Because only one target board is required, the game can be played in nearly any space. This simple and convenient variant offers the optimum price-performance ratio, especially for small indoor events in narrow rooms.

Length: customizable (5m recommended)

Width: 4m

Height: min. 2m

Nothing is impossible.

Enhance the stadium feeling with optional features such as artificial turf or floodlights. If you have any other special wishes or requirements, we will happily find the optimal solution to bring sports and fun to your event.

Any more questions? We will be glad to help you!

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